Toyota Aygo 2011 Owner's Manual PDF

Welcome to the growing group of value cons cious people w ho drive
Toyotas . We are proud of the advanced engineering and quality
const ruct ion of each vehic le we build.
This Owner ’s Manual explains the operation of your new Toyota.
Please r ead it thoroughl y and have all t he occupant s fol low the
instr uctions carefull y. Doi ng so wil l help you enj oy many year s
of saf e and troublef ree mot oring. For impor tant inf ormati on
about this manual and your Toyot a, read the following pages
careful ly.
When i t c omes t o s ervi ce, remember that your Toy ota deal er knows
your vehic le very well and is i nteres ted in your compl ete sat isfac-
tion. Your Toyota deal er wi ll pr ovide quality maintenanc e and any
other ass ist ance y ou may r equire.
Please leave this Owner ’s Manual in this vehicle at the t ime of
resale. The next owner will need thi s inf ormati on al so.
All infor mation and s pecif icat ions in this manual are current at the
time of printi ng. However, becaus e of Toy ota’s policy of c ontinual
product impr ovement, we reser ve the right to make changes at any
time without not ice.
Please not e that this manual appli es to all models and expl ains
all equipment, i ncluding options. Ther efore, you may f ind some
explanations for equi pment not i nstalled on your vehi cle.
All right s reserv ed. This materi al may not be reproduc ed or copied,
in whole or i n part, without the written permis sion of Toyota Motor
Corporat ion.
11 02.18