Opel Agila Workshop Manual Suzuki Wagon R PDF

Please read this manual and follow its instructions
carefully. To emphasize special information, the
words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE have spe-
cial meanings. Pay special attention to the messages
highlighted by these signal words.
Indicates special information to make mainte-
nance easier or instructions clearer.
For vehicles equipped with a Supplemental
Restraint Air Bag System:
D Service on and around the air bag system
components or wiring must be performed
only by an authorized SUZUKI dealer.
Please observe all WARNINGS and CAU-
TIONS in SECTION 10B and Precautions, Air
Bag System Components and Wiring Loca-
tion View in SECTION 10B or before perform-
ing service on or around the air bag system
components or wiring. Failure to follow
WARNINGS could result in unintentional ac-
tivation of the system or could render the
system inoperative. Either of these two
conditions may result in severe injury.
D If the air bag system and another vehicle sys-
tem both need repair, Suzuki recommends
that the air bag system be repaired first, to
help avoid unintended air bag deployment.
D Do not modify the steering wheel, instru-
ment panel or any other air bag system com-
ponent (on or around air bag system compo-
nents or wiring). Modifications can adverse-
ly affect air bag system performance and
lead to injury.
D If the vehicle will be exposed to tempera-
tures over 93_C (200_F)(for example, during
a paint baking process), remove the air bag
system components (air bag (inflator) mod-
ules, SDM and/or seatbelt with pretension-
er) beforehand to avoid component damage
or unintended deployment.
Indicates a potential hazard that could result in
death or injury.
Indicates a potential hazard that could result in
vehicle damage.
This service manual is intended for authorized
Suzuki dealers and qualified service mechan-
ics only. Inexperienced mechanics or mechan-
ics without the proper tools and equipment
may not be able to properly perform the ser-
vices described in this manual.
Improper repair may result in injury to the me-
chanic and may render the vehicle unsafe for
the driver and passengers.