Nissan Quest 1998 Owners Manual PDF | Page 2

Welcome To The World Of NISSAN
Your new Nissan is the result of our dedication to
produce the finest in safe, reliable and economi-
cal transportation. Your vehicle is the product of
a successful worldwide company that manufac-
tures cars and trucks in over 17 countries and
distributes them in 170 nations.
Nissan vehicles are designed and manufactured
by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. which was founded in
Tokyo, Japan in 1933, and Nissan affiliates world-
wide, collectively growing to become the fifth larg-
est automaker in the world. In addition to cars and
trucks, Nissan also makes textile machinery, forklift
trucks, marine engines, boats and other products.
Nissan has made a substantial and growing
investment in North America, starting with the
opening of Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. in
1960 and continuing with the production of some
cars and trucks at one of the world’s most
modern manufacturing facilities, Nissan Motor
Manufacturing Corporation U.S.A. in Smyrna,
Tennessee, vehicle styling at Nissan Design
International in San Diego, California, and engi-
neering at Nissan Research and Development in
Farmington Hills, Michigan.
Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. and its dealers
employ about 60,000 Americans.
Nissan is also a substantial contributor to the
Canadian economy. Nissan Canada Inc., its sup-
pliers and over 170 dealers employ approxi-
mately 4,500 people. These include company
employees and the staffs of Nissan dealers all
across Canada. In addition, many Canadians
work for companies that supply Nissan and Nis-
san dealers with materials and services ranging
from the operation of port facilities and transpor-
tation services, to the supply of lubricants, parts
and accessories.
Nissan pioneered the use of electronics and
computers in automobiles, and has led the indus-
try in improving both performance and fuel effi-
ciency through new engine designs and the use
of synthetic materials to reduce vehicle weight.
The company has also developed ways to build
quality into its vehicles at each stage of the
production process, both through extensive use
of automation and most importantly
through an awareness that people are the cen-
tral element in quality control.
From the time the parts arrived from our suppli-
ers until you took delivery of your new Nissan,
dozens of checks were made to ensure that only
the best job was being done in producing and
delivering your vehicle. Nissan also takes great
care to ensure that when you take your Nissan to
your dealer for maintenance, the service techni-
cian will perform his work according to the quality
standards that have been established by the
Safety has also been built into your Nissan. As
you know, seat belts are an integral part of the
safety systems that will help protect you and your
passengers in the event of a sudden stop or an
accident. We urge you to use the belts every time
you drive the vehicle.
The Nissan story of growth and achievement
reflects our major goal: to provide you, our
customer, with a vehicle that is built with quality
and craftsmanship a product that we can be
proud to build and you can be proud to own.
The inside pages of this manual contain
a minimum of 50% recycled fibers,
including 10% post-consumer fibers.