Lexus ES 330 2006 Owners Manual PDF

Congratulations on your selection of this Lexus.
In Lexus vehicles we have invested all our
engineering and design resources; all the know
how we have gained in over 60 years of making
automobiles; the highest motivation of our most
talented employees; and our tradition of
incessant striving toward ever greater quality.
This Owners Manual explains the features of your new
Lexus. Please read it and follow the instructions carefully
so that you can enjoy many years of safe motoring.
When it comes to service, remember that your
Lexus dealer knows your vehicle very well and is
interested in your complete satisfaction. Your
Lexus dealer will provide quality maintenance
and any other assistance you may require.
If there is not a Lexus dealer near you, please call
the following number:
If you need emergency assistance for any reason,
please call the following number.
D When traveling in the U.S. mainland or Canada:
Lexus Roadside Assistance
Tollfree:180025LEXUS or 18002553987
D Hawaii:
Servco Automotive Roadside Assistance/Customer
Tollfree:180025LEXUS or 18002553987
D When traveling in Canada or the U.S. mainland:
Lexus Roadside Assistance/Customer Service
Tollfree:180026LEXUS or 18002653987
Please leave this Owners Manual in this vehicle at the
time of resale. The next owner will need this information
All information and specifications in this manual
are current at the time of printing. However,
because of the Lexus policy of continual product
improvement, we reserve the right to make
changes at any time without notice.
Please note that this manual applies to all models and
explains all equipment, including options. Therefore, you
may find some explanations for equipment not installed
on your vehicle.
Please access our websites for further
D The U.S. mainland
D Hawaii
D Canada