Honda CRV Shop Manual 1997 2002 (4) PDF | Page 31

?? Remove the auto-tensioner (see page 04-31).
?? Install the tensioner pulley.
?? Clamp the auto-tensioner (A) by using two 8 mm
bolts (B) and a vise (C) as shown. Do not clamp the
auto-tensioner itself.
?? Set the torque wrench (D) on the pulley bolt.
?? Align the indicator (E) on the tensioner base with
center mark (F) on the tensioner arm by using the
torque wrench, and measure the torque. If the
torque value is out of specification, replace the
NOTE: If the indicator exceeds the center mark,
recheck the torque.
?? Remove the drive belt (see page 04-30).
?? Remove the Power Steering (P/S) pump without
disconnecting the P/S hoses.
?? Remove the tensioner pulley.