Honda CRV Shop Manual 1997 2002 (4) PDF | Page 30

?? Remove the splash shield (see step 21 on page 05-
?? Move the auto-tensioner (A) to relieve tension from
the drive belt (B), and remove the drive belt.
?? Install the new belt in the reverse order of removal.
?? Check whether there is a change in the position of
the auto-tensioner indicator before starting the
engine and after starting the engine. If there is a
change in the position, replace the auto-tensioner.
?? Check for abnormal noise from the tensioner
pulley. If abnormal noise is heard, replace the
tensioner pulley.
?? Remove the drive belt (see page 04-30).
?? Move the auto-tensioner within its limit with the belt
tension release tool in the direction shown. Check
that the tensioner moves smoothly and without any
abnormal noise. If the tensioner does not move
smoothly or there is abnormal noise, replace the