Honda CRV Shop Manual 1997 2002 (4) PDF | Page 23

?? Inspect the electrodes and ceramic insulator.
Burned or worn electrodes may be caused by:
? Advanced ignition timing
? Loose spark plug
? Plug heat range too hot
? Insufficient cooling
Fouled plug may be caused by:
? Retarded ignition timing
? Oil in combustion chamber
? Incorrect spark plug gap
? Plug heat range too cold
? Excessive idling/low speed running
? Clogged air cleaner element
? Deteriorated ignition coils
?? Check the electrode gap (A). If the gap is over the
standard, adjust the gap with suitable gapping tool.
?? Replace the plug at the specified interval, or if the
center electrode is rounded (A). Use only the spark
plugs listed below.
?? Apply a small quantity of anti-seize compound to
the plug threads, and screw the plugs into the
cylinder head finger-tight. Then torque them to 18
Nm (1.8 kgfm, 13 lbfft).