Honda CRV Shop Manual 1997 2002 (4) PDF | Page 21

?? Remove the ignition coil cover (A), then remove the
ignition coils (B).
?? Install the ignition coils in the reverse order of
?? Remove the four ignition coils (see page 04-21).
?? Remove the spark plugs from the cylinder head,
and inspect the spark plug (see page 04-23).
<HV Go to step 3.
1R Replace the spark plug.?
?? Disconnect the four injector connectors (see page
?? Install the spark plugs on the ignition coils.
?? Connect the ignition coil connector, and connect
the spark plug on the ground.
?? With the shift lever in [N] or [P] (A/T), turn the
ignition switch to start (III), and check the spark.
<HV Ignition coil is OK.?
1R Go to step 7.
?? Substitute a known-good ignition coil, and recheck
the spark.
<HV Replace the original ignition coil.?
1R Go to step 8.
?? Disconnect the ignition coil 3P connector.
?? Turn the ignition switch ON (II).
??? Measure voltage between the ignition coil 3P
connector terminal No. 3 and body ground.
Wire side of female terminals
<HV Go to step 11.
1R Repair open in the wire between ignition coil
and No. 1 (15A) fuse in the under-dash fuse/
relay box.?