Honda CRV Repair Manual 1997 2002 (1) PDF | Page 11

The zinc-plated steel plate used in some panels of the CR-V requires different repair techniques than ordinary steel plate.
Refer to "Body Construction" (see page 1-9) for the location of the zinc-plated panels.
?? Before spot welding the zinc-plated steel plate, remove the paint from both sides of the flange to be welded. Apply
sealer to the flange after welding.
NOTE: Seal the sanded surfaces thoroughly to prevent rust.
?? The electric continuity properties of zinc-plated steel plate is different from ordinary steel plate. When spot
welding, increase the current by 10-20%, or increase the resistance welding time. Also increase the number of
weld spots by 10-20%.
NOTE: The MIG welding procedures for zinc-plated steel plate are the same as for ordinary steel plate.
?? Before applying putty or body filler to the zinc-plated steel plate, sand the zinc plating thoroughly to promote
adhesion and to prevent blistering.
NOTE: Use only epoxy-based putties and fillers on zinc-plated steel plate, following the manufacturer?s specifications.
?? When performing paint work, protect the ground wire and ground wire mounting hole threads with a bolt or a plug.
To prevent eye injury, wear goggles or safety glasses whenever sanding, cutting, or grinding.
To prevent eye injury and burns when welding, wear an approved welding helmet, gloves and safety shoes.